Advice vs Legal Advice

Many people assume that the only way to resolve any legal issues they find themselves caught up in is by recourse to professionals such as solicitors or barristers. They will often accept high legal fees as an inevitability, not knowing that there are other options open to them.

This assumption, however, is a myth. In our fifteen years working variously as generalist advisors to leading national charities and private legal practices, we have found that real value is in the quality of advice offered, rather than in the cost of it.

We have had many clients who were able to resolve their legal issues without seeking help from legal professionals. Sound counter-intuitive? It needn’t be. In many cases, what people need is informed advice that doesn’t necessarily need to come from lofty professional places.

We believe that advice needn’t break the bank. Our team is reliably able to provide guidance and advice to those whose circumstances have put them under stress and strain. A notable example: one of our clients was going through a troublesome divorce which was impacting her family life. She was at sea financially and was overwhelmed by the complexity of the legal routes that lay open to her. With our help, she was able to submit her initial divorce petition and even managed to resolve critical issues around maintenance and settlement without going to court. Of course, there are circumstances which demand the need for legal recourse, such as when a court date must be met or a legal form need be completed. In many cases, however, we can advise our clients as to what can be done before the legal route is taken, an invaluable service that has helped many people in difficult circumstances.

The difference between the kind of advice we offer and the often prohibitively expensive legal advice also available is that we provide a broad list of options that are open to you depending on your circumstances. Legal advice is more prescriptive and specific; legal professions will act on your behalf according to your instructions. We don’t act on your behalf, nor do we take instructions; instead, we put you in control of your own destiny by explaining your legal rights in full and by outlining all the options that are open to you that you can then pursue independently. That’s not to say our advice isn’t comprehensive or tailored, for we work closely alongside you when identifying the best route forward for you to take.

Ours is an innovative, online service: a fast, accessible, affordable and structured to painlessly obtain valuable advice and guidelines whenever you encounter a legal issue or problem in your life. Taking the expensive legal route is often unnecessary, and we are ideally placed to help you avoid doing so. A well-written letter, with examples of a good knowledge of the law, is often enough to solve an issue that is threatening to drag you to court. Why pay hundreds of pounds, then, when a service such as ours can be pursued from the comfort of your own home and at a fraction of the cost?

Our advice to clients is always the same: take time to get to grips with what your issue is and how you’d like it to be resolved. In many cases, the guidance and advice you need are within reach. That’s where we come in – we empower you to reach out for it. When it comes to advice versus its more expensive sibling, less is very often more.