AdviceZone & COVID 19

By now, it is apparent that the impacts of Covid-19 to date have been significant on health, the economy and society.  The pandemic has a more severe impact on vulnerable groups, including older people, people with disabilities, ethnic minorities, and deprived areas.  In our over 20 years of experience working as advisers across many law fields, we have seen many vulnerable groups in our society struggling to cope with illnesses, disabilities, poverty, unresolved immigration status or just some unfortunate life circumstances. This was a way before the pandemic started. We always saw the person behind each case and thought that anyone could find themself at the mercy of some unfortunate life event gone out of control. This pandemic has emphasised this point. Everyone is facing a regrettable life event now and coping the best way they can.  We were recently taken aback by the woman who was not ill, disabled or poor but found herself in an unfamiliar situation. She was a company director, accustomed to good things in life, and now out of work and out of depth. She could not get any government support, her business dried up, her salary became non-existent, and she had no idea what to do. She heard some benefits were available but had no idea what that meant or where to start.  We advised her about the Universal Credit claim, how to prepare for an interview and highlighted the areas that she needed to focus on to make a successful claim. She is in a good place now, regained her focus and priorities, and plans for a new career path. At AdviceZone, we feel prouder and more humbled than ever to offer help to any individual regardless of who they are and what walk of life they come from. In our eyes, as long as we continue to provide that little helping hand, we are on a winning side in this battle against COVID-19.